Jordi Greene

I am the roar of heaven

Jordi Greene is originally from the Great Lake State of Michigan and presently resides in the beautiful Portland-Metropolitan area.

Jordi is dedicated to relaying the voice and intention of God through sound--Releasing revelatory songs that promote kingdom living, principles, and realities--songs that advance and reveal the heart of Father God. It is her utmost desire and passion to be one that continues to synchronize with and enlarge the sound coming from Heaven's throne.

After an 8-year transformative break, Jordi returns with her third studio single release, 'Right Now,' a song that declares that we serve a NOW God--He is ALIVE and PRESENT--performing miracles, signs, and wonders TODAY! This song is the precursor to the manifested Glory of God that this generation is meant to usher in, experience, and live in.

Ongoing, Jordi will create and release inspired songs that edify the Lord and the people He loves. If you would like to become a benefactor of music and other content created by Jordi and/or receive more information about upcoming releases and events, please click on the appropriate button(s) below!



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